Our Coaching Philosophy and Underpinning Disciplines
The TMCH's approach is based on in four related disciplines.

 Strategy and the development of strategic thinking
 Leadership and the development of multiple mind sets
Systems thinking and the development of adaptive skills
 ‘Close learning’ and the transfer of skills and knowledge to the work place.

These are deployed within the discipline of professional coaching.

The common thread is the realization that the definition of strategic business or organizational goals are often the easy part; how to get there with a Board, fellow directors, partners, colleagues, suppliers and customers is often more difficult.

Strategy and planning, governance and regulation, action and behaviour, implementation and transformation, management and leadership, communication and influencing, skill and learning are all inter-connected and need to be addressed as a whole for coaching to be effective.

In order to deliver such coaching effectively we recognize that on occasion a series of face to face discussions is not sufficient. Our coaching competence therefore includes an ability to act as mentors or facilitators; to work with our clients on real work and in the workplace; and to work virtually through teleconferencing, or asynchronous web based communications as best suits our clients and our needs.

Our coaching also depends upon our own network. Within this network we research and practice latest thinking in the field of management and leadership development, utilize our differing gifts for the benefit of the client, and follow strict ethical practice in terms of supervision and client confidentiality.
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