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The Management Coach-house offers coaching by a network of experienced coaches. The two founders are:

Roger Niven is an experienced consultant facilitator and coach. Roger’s interest is in understanding the specific problems of roles where leadership requires strategic thinking and cultural awareness within a specific work context. In his career he has been a senior line manager, headed specialist functions, and worked as director in professional service firms. His research, teaching and consulting now focus on the significance of understanding adaptive behaviour within complex systems. Outside his commercial work Roger has been for many years a volunteer worker in care, education, and sports related organizations.
Keith Kinsella is an experienced consultant, facilitator, teacher and coach. Throughout his career Keith has pursued a particular interest in devising ways of helping professionals learn more effective ways of providing leadership at the critical interface between context and individual. He is currently developing a process oriented real-time approach providing action inquiry support to leaders as they address problems of change and continuity in the workplace. Keith also acts as a coaching supervisor to several of the TMCH coaches.
Both Roger and Keith share an interest in helping people to transfer learning about leadership and management to their workplace. They are therefore associated with several initiatives concerned with the development of ‘close learning’ as a practical management development approach, and one that is also uniquely relevant to coaching.

One aspect of this approach is their belief that there is a need to replace the strictures of a series of one to one conversations as the only approach to coaching with a far more flexible and adaptive approach combining the use of modern tele-conferencing techniques with asynchronous web base communications and guided readings. This enables them to coach over periods of time, rather than a specified number of sessions, and to engage with people who are geographically separate, or face unpredictable diary pressures.
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Management Training
Coaches have to watch for what they don’t want to see and listen to what they don’t want to hear.
John Madden
Former Head Coach of The Oakland Raiders
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