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Roger and Keith work with a network of other experienced coaches who bring differing gifts and experience to coaching assignments. Chief amongst these are:

Jim Cannon
is a specialist in organisational development, as well as being a fully qualified and experienced coach to individual executives, he has worked for some of the largest and well-known companies in the world. With a story telling style of real life issues and solutions, Jim brings a warm, unique and relatable presence to his facilitation, coaching and counselling work.

For many years Jim has lead training programmes for the CIPD and other organizations and has published several books and articles on the practice of management. Jim also acts as a coaching supervisor to several TMCH coaches. Jim has extensive experience with clients from both corporate and non-corporate organisations including Yeldall Bridges, a charity concerned with homelessness and drug abuse, for whom until recently he was Chairman.
Link: www.cannassoc.com

Stephen Edwards
set up his own company, EuroCareer Consultants in 1991, with the passionate belief that enabling individuals to do more for themselves would provide them with the confidence to take control of their own future. His current interest is in outplacement and career management service to meet the growing need for individuals to take greater responsibility for their own careers in an economy and employment market that can no longer provide jobs for life.

Steve believes that coaching success is based on developing a personal relationship between the companies with whom he works and between the consultant and the client. His interest is in working more and more with firms who recognise their social obligations, seek to maintain their reputation and look to their suppliers to provide professional high quality support to their people.
Link: www.eurocareer.com

Neil Johnston
has a distinctive business driven approach to executive coaching, and has a truly international base to his coaching clientele. Neil was the first Director of Corporate Education for Hewlett Packard and through hos won company – The US based “Orbis Corporation” has since been associated with the ‘action coaching’ approach of Peter Dottlich and David Cairo. Although based in Los Altos, California, Neil also has a London home, which allows seamless transition for European clients, with Los Altos being an ideal location for all International clients.

Neil is also associated with the Whitecap Foundation providing leadership training to over 50 non-profit organisations that focus on family support, youth education and wildlife conservation.

Sergio Pellegrinelli
is an experienced consultant and management development professional who has established a unique reputation in his research, teaching and consulting, in the fields of programme management, strategy and organizational development. He has specific insight into the competence that marks out those who are likely to be successful in programmatic change and extensive experience of coaching executives in this field, and the related fields of strategic thinking and execution.
Link: www.sp-associates.com

Roger Niven
is an experienced consultant facilitator and coach. He has held senior executive positions in large corporations and financial institutions working in the USA and Continental Europe as well as the UK. He has also led smaller professional service companies. He has experience in a variety of roles in line, specialist, consulting, teaching, and facilitative positions.

Roger’s interest is in understanding the specific problems of roles where leadership requires strategic thinking and cultural awareness within a specific work context. His research, teaching and consulting now focus on the significance of understanding adaptive behaviour within complex systems.

Roger is a Member of the Association for Coaching. He is a Fellow of the Centre for leadership studies in the University of Exeter Business School and an associate consultant of the Centre for Customised Executive Development in the School of Management at Cranfield University. He trained as a coach with Bradford University, the Academy of Executive Coaching, and Middlesex University and is currently pursuing an MA through Middlesex University researching the significance of domain knowledge within executive coaching and the need to integrate coaching within a wider developmental context.

Keith Kinsella
is an experienced facilitator, consultant and coach. He has held senior executive positions in large corporations in South Africa, Canada and the UK.

Throughout his career Keith has pursued a particular interest in devising ways of helping professionals learn more effective ways of providing leadership at the critical interface between context and individual. His research, teaching, consulting, and writing now focus on how managers learn from their practice principally in places of higher education and in partnership-based networks in local government. He is currently developing a process oriented real-time approach providing action inquiry support to leaders as they address problems of change and continuity in the workplace.

Keith Kinsella is an Affiliate of the Centre for Leadership Studies in Exeter University Business School where he works on the Coached E Learning Masters programme in Leadership Studies which makes innovative use of online coaching and web-based technologies, to support mature students who combine the study programme with full time employment. He originally qualified and practiced as a civil engineer in South Africa and Canada and later completed an MBA at the London Business School. He is currently completing a part time PhD at Bath University.
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