The Nature of an Assignment
Our coaching assignments are designed to constitute a receptive, responsive and systemic way of working on their development with our clients.

A specific intent is to ensure that conversations are related in time and place to where the client’s work or activity gets done – linking the freedom of reflection and the world of possibilities with the need for action and choice in a single development path.

We therefore coach people for a period of time, usually six months. During this time we will have a number of face-to-face conversations (usually between 5 and 7), telephone or tele-conference conversations, exchange letters or E mails, and perhaps guide people through additional reading or conversations with other people. Our role is to support the client in their work or activity where their principle learning and adaptation, and not to regard coaching sessions as an end in themselves.

On occasions we will observe the client in their work, and on other occasions we may facilitate meetings or other activities as requested by a client, and agreed by their colleagues.

Our code of ethics and good practice is important to us and for our clients.

The links below lead to our current statement on what we understand to be 'good practice' and to our current position on the debate about 'what makes a good coach?'

File Download: codeofethicsandgoodp.doc

File Download: whatmakesagoodcoach.doc

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