The Purpose in Coaching Executives
Decisions to make - actions to take
Since we founded the Management Coach-house in 2002 coaching has developed into a major discipline relevant to all levels of management: not just reserved for a few stars or as a last resort for those who are struggling to perform.

As ‘coaching’ has developed so have the number of terms used to describe the approaches and likely outcomes.

We offer three related points of focus for our coaching:

Coaching for Performance focused on a person’s current job.
Coaching for the Executive’s Agenda focused on the context in which leaders live.
Coaching for Development focused on a person’s future roles.

In order to deliver these we are also proficient in coaching for skills development, self-awareness and life skills, as some elements of these may become relevant, but these are not usually the primary focus of our coaching.

We therefore work with clients to:

Improve their individual performance and that of their organization
Identify attainable goals yet often stretching goals
Embed these within a realistic personal and organizational context
Describe and explore opportunities, possible problems, and approaches to resolve these
Guide and support them towards achieving these goals

Our work as coaches is professionally supervised, and our network of professionals allows us to refer clients should we jointly agree that their needs require additional or differing skills.
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Management Training
The capacity of human beings to continue to grow and develop new skills and competence gives us confidence that, if managed in the right way, we can get extraordinary performance out of ordinary people.
James A. Cannon.
“Making the Business case”: 2006
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