Our Challenge and Our Support
Deploying Multiple Mindsets
Successful coaching of people in executive roles shares some similarities with sports coaching. Where there is competition, or a need to deliver more with less, then there is also a sense of challenge and a drive for improvement.

Even without these external drivers many people wish to ensure that they do not become complacent and have an inner desire to better utilize their gifts and demonstrate their self-worth.

Our executive coaching is based upon our ability to respond to client aspirations with a number of approaches. These include:

• Our understanding of the nature of ‘leadership’
• The importance of multiple minds sets
• The challenge of thinking differently about tame, wicked and chaotic problems
• An ability to deploy simple yet effective tools for strategic analysis or execution
• Recognizing the importance of aesthetic, spiritual and physical intelligences
• Understanding our own potential toxicity
• Valuing personal and collective cultures and legacies.

We therefore apply a holistic, systemic and emergent approach to our coaching – firmly rooted in coaching disciplines, but not constrained by a single model approach.

Working in this way we conduct a series of conversations – face-to-face and through virtual means. We work directly on important topics as they emerge and also indirectly as we focus on creating quality in the conversation, noticing the nature of interim outcomes that emerge and using these to imagine and adjust the development path we are following with the client.
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We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein
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