Books providing context
The significance of context
Contextual awareness is important in executive coaching.

Many executives face challenges that lie in the quadrants of 'known unknowns' and 'unknown unknowns'. They therefore have to deal with the ambiguity of complex issues and in this insight from other perspectives may prove insightful.

As suggested by Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg in their 2003 HBR article managers have to deploy multiple mindsets and of these the 'worldly' perspective can be critical.

Some recent books that may stimulate 'worldly' thinking are shown below and linked to brief summaries.
Some recent books
1. "Global Crisis" by Geoffrey Parker.

The influences of government, climate, population and religion on the peoples of the 17th Century.

2. "1493;How the ecological collision of Europe and America gave rise to the modern world". by Charles Mann.

File Download: globalcrisis.pdf

File Download: 1493someinsights.pdf

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