Local and Community Partnerships
The collaborative mindset and need for close learning
In our sister site – “The Protean Inquiry Network” (PIN) www.the-pin.co.uk – we focus on the skills and insight we provide to those working within local and community partnerships.

The PIN focuses on the need for creative partnership working to resolve complex community issues located in an increasingly interconnected world.

The leadership of such organizations is very different to that faced in organizations that supply members to these community oriented partnerships and poses demands that are not widely understood or easily learned.

The insight that is relevant is embedded in everyday interaction emerging as members deal with often novel challenges and this cannot be captured in neat models or codes of good practice: nor is it easily learned in a classroom or workshop.

We therefore use the Management Coach-house to deliver coaching in support of our work of those involved in local partnership delivered through the PIN.

We also recognize that there are individual coaching needs that people may wish to approach outside of a PIN initiative. Our coaching in this area recognizes:

Tensions of the differing pace of some voluntary and community work
Potential conflict between imposed goals and perceived service needs
Self-awareness of skills that may be outside norms of bureaucratic competence
Confidence to manage within complex systems and constraints
The value of diversity and differing personal gifts
Emotional needs of those who support others.

We also understand that such coaching demands a greater flexibility of time, place, and frequency to when we are coaching people in the other two sectors. As with our work through the PIN coaching in this sector demands that we ‘coach in the moment’, when we may help people focus on the practical demands of their work.
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